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The Company

StartUpBusiness operates in providing consulting services and support to small and medium-sized enterprises in the Greek market. It also gives an opinion on setting up new businesses and start-ups. We provide NSRF program management services for which we have a great deal of experience, covering a wide range of business activities, such as commercial and manufacturing businesses, self-employed firms, new scientists, service companies and tourism businesses.
Our principal goal is to create long-term business relationships with our business customers. Through the harmonious development of this relationship, the benefits will be multiple for both sides and significantly long lasting. The development of an honest and effective communication between us, the creation of a framework in which to investigate the need of the company and the selection of suitable solutions for its satisfaction underlie a guarantee of our successful course.


Mainly Supported Sectors

Agri-Food / Food Industry

    • Meat sector
    • Fish and seafood sector in general
    • Fruit and vegetable sector
    • Oil field
    • Dairy sector
    • Flour mill products
    • Stuffed products
    • Bakery products
    • Pasta
    • Manufacture of confectionery
    • Sugar preparation
    • Seasonings – Condiments
    • Ready Meals
    • Feed production
    • Alcoholic products
    • Mineral water
    • Juices
    • Soft drinks
    • Manufacture of tobacco products

Cultural and Creative Industries

    • Printing activities
    • Playing pre-recorded media
    • Publishing
    • Recordings and musical publications
    • Jewelry making
    • Manufacture of musical instruments
    • Manufacture of toys
    • Clothing items
    • Materials / Structures
    • Manufacture of plastic products
    • Manufacture of metal products
    • Building materials
    • Insulators

Supply chain

    • Transport sector services
    • Logistics services for third party products (3PL)
    • Postal and courier activities


    • Renewable energy resources
    • Utilization of organic residues to meet thermal needs
    • Increase the infiltration of geothermal applications into electricity generation and heat generation


    • Waste management
    • Recycling
    • Collection, treatment and disposal of waste

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

    • Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment
    • Manufacture of communication equipment
    • Software publishing and manufacturing
    • Wired telecommunications activities
    • Wireless telecommunication activities
    • Satellite telecommunication activities
    • Computer programming, consultancy and related activities


    • Rehabilitation centers
    • Telemedicine services
    • Healing centers


    • Hotel units
    • Rental rooms
    • Tourist camping
    • Theme parks

Programs Under Implementation

New Innovative Entrepreneurship 100%

National Waste Reserve 100%

Women Entrepreneurship 100%

SME Enhancement 100%

Women's Employment - National Wage Reserve 100%

Extraversion-Competitiveness of Enterprises II 100%

Strengthening the self-employment of tertiary education graduates
(A Cycle) 50%

Upgrading micro & small businesses to develop their skills in new markets 50%

Neophyte Entrepreneurship 50%

Enhancing the self-employment of tertiary education graduates (B Cycle) 65%